Activities to do during your vacation in Martinique

Are you looking to go on vacation to a destination where the weather is always mild, the landscapes are paradisiacal and the culture is rich? Do you feel like relaxing, lounging on large beaches of fine sand with turquoise waters and being rocked by the sound of the waves and the leaves of the coconut trees? Do you want to discover an island with varied landscapes and great biodiversity?

The island of Martinique is therefore the place you must go to during your next holiday. By lrenting a villa in Martinique ,whether for a week or a month, you will have plenty to do during your days!

Water activities to do in Martinique

excursion mer martinique

If you love the sea and water sports, Martinique is perfect for you! Indeed, this French Caribbean island offers many exciting activities to do with family or friends during your stay.Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Scuba diving: Discover the wonders of the ocean floor and observe the multicolored fish.
  • Jet Skiing: Have fun doing acrobatics on the waves with this motorized speedboat.
  • Kayaking: Navigate peacefully on the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea or through the mangroves inland./li>
  • Sailing: Learn to control a boat and move at the rhythm of the wind.
  • Surfing: Challenge the waves and have fun surfing on the crests.
  • Windsurfing: Glide on the water taking speed thanks to this aquatic discipline.
  • Sea excursions: Board a motorboat or a catamaran for a half-day or day at sea and sail along the coast to see the beauty of the bays of Martinique. You may even get the chance to spot dolphins and turtles.

Cultural activities in Martinique

If you want to discover the history and culture of Martinique, here are some activities not to be missed.

  • Visit the museums and historical monuments of Fort-de-France – such as Fort Saint-Louis and the Schoelcher Library – and Saint-Pierre – such as the Memorial of the 1902 Catastrophe or the Franck A. Perret Museum.
  • Attend a performance of traditional dance and music.
  • Stroll through the streets and typical markets to taste the island’s culinary specialties.
  • Discover nature in the heart of the Martinique tropical forest.
  • Take a hike on the island’s trails to admire the beautiful landscapes.
  • Taste rums, liqueurs and punches such as the well-known shrubb of locals and tourists.
Activités clturelles martinique

What hiking to do in Martinique?

What to do during a week in Martinique? If you like hiking, the island offers many trails to explore. Depending on where the trail is located, you may need to rent a car ! Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Mt. Pelée Hike: Discover one of the highest volcanoes in the French Antilles and admire the landscapes it offers.
  • Piton Macouba Hike: Take this trail to the summit of the second highest volcano on the island and enjoy the breathtaking view of the north of Martinique.
  • The Cascade Hike: This trail will take you to discover several waterfalls in the tropical forest, a guaranteed moment of relaxation.
  • The Trace des Caps Hike: Follow the coastline and admire the exceptional landscapes of the island.